WASH United in South Asia

South Asia is the second crisis region when it comes to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Of the 1.1 billion people still practising open defecation, nearly 60% live in South Asia. Every year, 300,000 children under five years in the region die of diarrhoea (UNICEF, 2012).

WASH United’s innovative tools and campaigns for the region evolve around South Asia’s biggest sports passion: cricket! Cricket-based games, star ambassadors and communication specifically geared towards cricket fans are some of the ingredients we mix together to tackle the sanitation and hygiene crisis in South Asia. Through our partners, we deliver WASH trainings in schools and create awareness for the importance of hand-washing with soap, proper toilet use and menstrual hygiene management.

Recent Projects

Team Swachh Bharat

Team Swachh Bharat

Team Swachh Bharat is a multi-year initiative in India that harnesses the power of cricket for an India where everyone uses a toilet.