MHM Education Guide: Frequently asked questions

The MHM Education Guide is not available in my local language. What should I do?

You can sign up for our Custom Package and we can work on a translated version of the Guide for you.

The MHM Education Guide is not culturally appropriate for my country. What should I do?

You can sign up for our Custom Package and we can customise and/or adjust the content and design as per your requirements.

Can we use the MHM Education Guide with boys?

The Guide was designed especially with and for girls. It has not been tested and used with boys, so we cannot recommend using it with boys at this time.

Can we use the MHM Education Guide with adults?

The Guide has been designed specifically for girls ages 9 to 17. We do not recommend using this guide with adults.

Can I add a pad making workshop to the MHM Education Guide sessions?

Yes! This can be a valuable extension to the training. We strongly recommend going through the Guide first, and then adding this extra activity.

What are the expectations of the implementers using the MHM Education Guide?

If you use the Guide, no matter which package you sign up for, you are required to:
- tell us about your MHM education project and its results in a short survey that we will send you at the end of your project;
- give us your valuable input and feedback on the Guide, so we that we can improve and update the Guide in the future.
Please also review the Terms and Conditions document for more information (link here).

Are there any grants or funding available for programme implementation?

WASH United does not provide grants or funding for the implementation of the Guide. The Guide is designed for low-cost implementation to make it as accessible as possible. The printing and materials needed cost less than USD 5 per school. If you still require financial assistance, we encourage you to explore other funding streams.

Why is there a cost associated with the support and custom packages?

WASH United is a non-profit organisation. We do not make any profit from the MHM Education Guide. The cost only covers the expenses of the materials and training that we offer.

How many people from my organisation can sign up for the public capacity building webinar?

While there is no limit to the total number of participants, we recommend not more than 5 people from an organisation join the webinar. The webinar is designed for MHM programme staff and trainers.

Does WASH United provide on the ground/in-person training?

WASH United has trained master trainers in India and East Africa that can provide in-person training of trainers on the Guide for your organisation. This is an additional cost. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in this type of training.

What is the difference between Ruby's World and Rosie's World?

Ruby's World was developed together with teachers and girls in India through a user-centered design approach. The language, cultural references and activities are tailored specifically to the needs of girls in South Asia. Rosie's World was adapted from Ruby's World for the Sub-Saharan African context. WASH United also applied a user-centered design approach for this adaptation and partnered with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from WAGGGS to test and adjust the Guide. While the story is essentially the same in both versions, the language, cultural references and even some activities in Rosie's World have been adjusted to better suit the Sub-Saharan African context.

What other language versions of the Guide will be available soon?

The Guide has been translated into the following additional languages: Arabic, Bengali, Kinyarwanda, Malagasy, Oriya/Odia, Swahili, Telugu and Tamil. These versions of the Guide are in the process of being finalised and should be available soon. Please contact us if you are interested in using one of these language version.

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